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A New Site for the New Year

We're live! Welcome to our new and improved website. :) Please take a look around and browse our catalog. We have designed this site to be easy, engaging, and interactive so please let us know what you think.

If you've visited the warehouse before then we've probably met. I'm Baylor and along side my partner Azem we have built this little furniture company in Cambridge. This has been our part-time job over the past two years and we really didn't know what to expect. We started by curating a collection of furnishings based on principals that we are passionate about. Furniture should be beautiful, built to last, sustainable, and fair trade. For these reasons we use natural materials, traditional techniques, and fair trade labor.

We are entering our second year now and we are really excited. We have some new designers, new furniture, and exciting events coming this Spring! In fact, Azem and I are heading to Indonesia to visit our suppliers in just a few days. Over the next two weeks I will be blogging and sharing photos from our trip. Follow us and you can see where our furniture comes from and learn about the people that make it. :)

Thank you for visiting and stay tuned! 


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