Artisans Trading


Farm to Furniture

What is Artisans Trading?

This is a question we hear a lot! In short, Artisans Trading is three things:

Sustainable - We only source eco-friendly woods and we keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. No plywoods here, only natural woods and materials. 
Unique - Our designs are typically one of a kind and can only be found at Artisans Trading. We contract with independent designers to create furniture specifically for the urban dweller. 
Affordable - We buy factory direct, fill a container, import the goods, and sell at wholesale prices from our warehouse showroom. We don't spend money on fluff or fancy advertising because our customers want to buy quality furniture, not fluff. 

Artisans Trading was established through the collaboration of quality business and design. Babson alumni Azem Dervisevic and MassArt alumni Baylor Bennett. Together they decided to create a sustainable business that sold furniture of a quality and price that THEY would buy.  

Two years later and things are going well! We listened to our customers' needs and wants. We got our business online and started laying the foundation for future orders. In March of 2016, Azem and Baylor attended the IDEX in Indonesia, one of the largest furniture expos in the world. Here they explored the rich Indonesian culture, found new suppliers, fresh designs, and opened the doors for custom orders. Three months later a container landed in Boston full of new designs! These pieces became the very first Artisans Trading catalog.

It is through the continued support and feedback of our Cambridge community that we have been successful so far. We work hard to give the very best to our customers in all areas of business. That is why our slogan is : Fair business for everyone.